Big Brothers in Arms


I was thinking about the VVA’s founding principal of ,Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”  Recently, there has been some debate on this principal.  I do not plan on entering into the debate with this post.  Instead, I would like to bring your attention to a group that I found browsing the Internet that is doing something to help out our next generation of Veterans.

“The Big Brothers-In-Arms Project” pairs up older Veterans (Vietnam-Era and up) with younger Soldiers returning from deployment and/or recently discharged. Our purpose is to give our Sailors, Soldiers, Marines, Airmen, etc.  someone to “talk it out” with, someone to “hang” with, someone who understands what he’s been through. We provide a non-judgemental but sympathetic ear to help ease re-entry into “the world.”

Big Brothers-In-Arms volunteers are Veterans from all branches of the military, and we have them in every state.  Please click the image above or below and take a look at “The Big Brothers-In-Arms Project”.

The Big Brothers-In-Arms Project

The Big Brothers-In-Arms Project

Veterans Tickets Foundation – Free and Discounted Tickets


It’s in the nature of Military and Veterans to step up. So we did.

The kind of people who volunteer to serve their country, the ones who put their nation first and their own lives second, are the kind of people we need to honor everyday. Not just on Memorial Day, Veteran’s Day and the Fourth of July, but everyday.


Through The Veteran Tickets Foundation, now those who care about our Military and Veterans have a way to give back. Everyday, in every city, there are events with empty seats that could be filled by those who serve or served. More than that, many event tickets are simply unaffordable for average people. We believe the events that bring Americans together in the spirit of celebration, competition and camaraderie—those all-American moments are the times we need welcome and acknowledge our Veterans.

VTFThank you for giving my son the opportunity to meet the Arizona Cardinals.


Please consider joining VTF and supporting our Soldiers and Sailors.  Active duty and Veterans of all branches are encouraged to sign up.