National Veterans Wheelchair Games

National Veterans Wheelchair Games

Event Information

Dates: June 25 – June 30, 2012

Host Medical Center: Hunter Holmes McGuire VA Medical Center – Richmond, Virginia

2012 NVWG Kids Day

Each year, our Veteran athletes take the opportunity to mentor disabled children from the local community and to show them that “disability” does not need to equal “disadvantage”.  Learn more.

Community Information

Governing Bodies, Associations, and Clubs

If you are interested in learning more about the events that make up the National Veterans Wheelchair Games, these are the organizations that guide the competition and can provide the information to help prepare you to excel at the Games.


Program Overview

VA National Veterans Sports Programs & Special Events Office Mission Statement

The mission of the VA National Veterans Sports Programs & Special Events Office is to motivate, encourage and sustain participation and competition in adaptive sports among disabled Veterans and members of the Armed Forces through partnerships with VA clinical personnel as well as national and community-based adaptive sports programs. The Office achieves this mission by providing information and resources to disabled Veterans, their support networks and those in the adaptive sports community.


The Program Office was established under Section 703 of PL 110-389 (Title VII-Assistance to United States Paralympic Integrated Adaptive Sports Program) as the Office of National Veterans Sports Programs and Special Events. The Program Office works with VA staff, U.S. Paralympics and community-based adaptive sports programs across the country to encourage disabled Veterans to redefine themselves by participating and /or competing in adaptive sports.

The Program Office also provides a monthly assistance allowance to Veterans training in their respective sports as authorized by the Veterans’ Benefits Improvement Act of 2008. Through the program, VA will pay a monthly allowance to a Veteran with a service-related or non-service-related disability if he or she meets the qualifying military standard for a particular sport.

In addition, the Program Office provides grants to U.S. Paralympics member organizations, Paralympic Sports Clubs and Veteran and military organizations nationwide to enhance and expand local community-based adaptive sports programs.

To learn more, contact us at [email protected].

Disabled Veterans

Get Healthy, Stay Fit and Have Fun:
The Benefits of Adaptive Sports

We want you to know that no matter your disability, age or skill level, an adaptive sports opportunity exists for you. But, besides the fun, new friendships and exercise, why should you consider adaptive sports? Studies show that adaptive sports provide the following clear benefits for disabled Veterans:

  • less stress
  • reduced dependency on pain and depression medication
  • fewer secondary medical conditions (i.e., diabetes, hypertension)
  • higher achievement in education and employment
  • more independence

Participating in adaptive sports allows you to redefine yourself and live an active, healthy and fun lifestyle.

Contact us for more information

The VA National Veterans Sports Programs & Special Events Office is led by Mr. Christopher J. Nowak. For questions, comments or more information, please contact:

Mr. Christopher J. Nowak,
National Director

VA National Veterans Sports Programs & Special Events Office
810 Vermont Avenue, NW
Suite 915B
Washington, DC 20420

[email protected]