Pets Instead of Pills: Support Service Dogs for Veterans

Veteran Service Dogs

Best Friends

For many veterans, it can be hard to return to normal life, performing daily activities, connecting with others, or managing stress of what they’ve been through. Trained service animals offer a way to manage the symptoms of PTSD without resorting to the anti-psychotics often prescribed to these veterans. Millions of animals, meanwhile, sit in shelters and foster homes, waiting for a place to call a home of their own.

Congress has acknowledged this discrepancy with the Dog Training Therapy Act, legislation that directs the Department of Veteran Affairs to carry out a pilot program to train service dogs for veterans in need of therapeutic care for post-deployment mental health. Such a pilot would lay the groundwork for a large-scale program that could benefit the hundreds of thousands of veterans suffering from PTSD.

Rather than prescribing more pills, this legislation provides veterans with alternative care that can be integral to their recovery. Sign the petition supporting a service dog pilot program for veterans coping with PTSD.

Visit The Veterans Site and sign the petition. (and feed a hungry Vet.)

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